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Hi, I'm LIZ

So, what is the Sync Up Method?

The Sync Up Method is a process, hosted by me, Liz Hays, in which I guide you back to your inner Magic.

It recalibrates your life to your wildest dreams.  

It’s an inner journey of feeling, sensing, healing, and knowing.

What exactly gets synchronized?

You learn to synchronize your energy with the natural intelligence of the universe.  

And guess what?  YOU are a part of the natural intelligence of the universe!

The sync up occurs between you and you.  

This may seem odd, and you may say ‘why do I need to sync up with myself’.

Well, we all were born whole and perfect with all the knowledge we would ever need in this life.  However, since birth a great unknowing took place and we were subconsciously conditioned by our parents, society, the media, etc. to disconnect from our authentic selves (which I will refer to as Magic!).

Social conditioning occurs to varying degrees in every culture across the world.  These are the small, yet persistent, social cues designed to protect you and help you fit in with the world around you.  This is how you learned to be a good girl or good boy.  You were rewarded for positive behavior and punished for negative behavior.  

The problem is that these ideas of good/bad and positive/negative are subjective, which means what your society may view as “good” for you could have actually been harmful if it convinced you to disconnect from your Magic.

Here is Johnny’s Story:
Johnny was a rather odd child, with more invisible friends than real.  He loved bright colors and said he always felt better when he wore yellow and pink.  His parents were successful and wealthy socialites.  They thought it more appropriate for him to socialize with peers through sports and they designed his wardrobe to be similar to other kids so he wouldn’t get picked on.

Johnny’s Magic: His ability to connect with the invisible meant he would never feel alone.  He would always be surrounded with friends who loved him.  He understood that colors are energetic, and he knew how to make himself feel good with bright vibrant colors.  

The person Johnny is today: Sad, lonely, often ill, and missing that spark.  Being labeled an introvert, he never did learn how to connect with many people.  Johnny does not feel comfortable in his own clothes or his own skin.  

Who Johnny will be once he learns to Sync Up: Happy, at ease, living a life of abundance, understanding of his Magic and confident to express it every day, and deeply connected with people who understand him.

We all become disconnected and it’s nobody’s fault.  After all, most of the conditioning you received was founded on love.  This is simply part of the human condition.  Once you recognize you are human and your conditioning has shaped who you are today, you can begin working your way back to your Magic.

Is the Sync Up Method like the Law of Attraction?

No!  The Law of Attraction is often portrayed as an external projection: ‘if I imagine this thing outside of me then I will get it’.

The Sync Up Method is purely internal.  It must happen INSIDE of you by way of FEELING.  It’s an aligning with your inner self.  It’s the acknowledgement that your Magic is one with universal energy.  When you are aligned with your Magic you get to create anything you want.  This is available to all of us!

Is it difficult?  I hate sitting in meditation for long.

The Method is not about doing.  It’s about being!  

It’s as easy as breathing.  It’s as simple as a conversation.  

We do not dig up old wounds.  This is not about your past.  It is NOT therapy.  

You don’t have to memorize anything.  This work is NOT to be intellectualized.

You don’t have to do anything physical either.

No, the Sync Up Method is not hard.  It’s easy.  The way life is meant to be!

What will I gain by doing this work?

MAGIC: You will become masterful at synching up to your feelings.  Your feelings are your guide in this life!  When you feel bad you know something has to change. When you feel good Magic happens!

Ease: Your life will shift from a feeling of consistent struggle to a sense of ease.  Ease is the gateway to the life you were meant to be living.  Once you find yourself in a state of ease you are then able to direct your energy and let in what you want.  

Happiness: You were born to be happy.  When you sync up, you own your own happiness which guarantees good feelings, and from good feelings everything is attracted to you like a magnet!

Understanding:  You will gain an incredibly deep understanding of yourself.  You will understand your body, your emotions, and your sensing system.  You will know how to feel answers and solutions.  You will no longer feel afraid of feeling.  You will understand your desires.  You will nurture yourself and everything you want. 

By understanding yourself, your understanding of others will grow.  

You will no longer see people as a threat.  

You will know how to direct conflict. 

You will not be afraid of problems. 

You will not be afraid of others. 

You will not feel jealous. 

You will not feel like others have power over you. 

You will not feel like you need to control others. 

You will not feel the need to hide or be silenced. 

You will feel proud. 

You will feel valid. 

You will feel like the director of your own life. 

You will know how to love. 

You will love living!

How do I know the Sync Up Method is right for me?

Has anybody ever told you you’re too emotional?  

Have you ever been labeled an introvert?

Do you feel strongly repulsed by some people and strongly attracted to others without a logical reason why?

Do you experience things that are hard to explain, in fact, you don’t explain them for fear of sounding crazy?

Have you already recognized pieces of your social conditioning?

Do you ever have the sensation that your life isn’t working?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then this work is most likely for you!

I work mostly with FEELERS and people who know there’s more to life than what meets the eye.

I’m Liz Hays and I’m proud to share my Magic with you!  I look forward to seeing what your Magic can do!

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