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Hi, I'm LIZ

Simple…but not easy.

Step 1: Pause.
Step 2: Check in with your body.
Step 3: Ask your body “what do I want”?
Step 4: Feel what your body has to say.
Step 5: Respond by doing what feels good to YOU!
That’s it!
That’s all!
The sensations in your body are the roadmap 
that will always guide you in the right direction!


Do you have a hard time feeling what your body has to say?

Schedule a Sync Up Session with Liz Now!

Just Do What I Want?  That Sounds Selfish.

We’ve been taught that thinking of ourselves first, regardless of the situation, is selfish… and what an unfortunate effect this has had on humanity.  This has resulted in a world of people who consistently reinforce the idea that they are not worthy of being considered.  

What you communicate to yourself is the most important message you will ever send.  And you are CONSTANTLY communicating to yourself subconsciously with every choice you make.  

There is a clear distinction between doing what feels good and being selfish!

Selfish does not consider others.

Doing what feels good, considers everyone, and then chooses the thing that is best for you.

Ok, here’s the caveat.  When I say “do what feels good” I do NOT mean do what brings you instant pleasure.

Drugs and alcohol may make you instantly feel good but will make you feel shitty later down the road.

What we’re going for is long term sustainable peace and joy.  Not selfish gratification in the moment.  

We’re the directors of our lives.  We do everything for ourselves, not for others.

Ultimately, what’s best for you IS what’s best for everyone!

That Sounds Too Good to be True

I get that, except that it’s surprisingly challenging to break free of our habits.

Simple is not synonymous with easy.

There will be long periods of time discharging the energy of habits that no longer serve you before integrating the new steady energy of healthy habits.

The fact is that life is far simpler than we realize, yet we’ve all been conditioned to see life through the lens of complicated struggle.  

We’ve been taught an unhealthy narrative of sacrifice and we haven’t been taught the discipline of sensing our bodies.

I have a family!  I have to sacrifice for them all the time.  Are you saying I shouldn’t sacrifice for my family?

What I’m saying is that GENUINE sacrifice and compromise are essential parts of all healthy relationships.  

The problem is that we’ve misconstrued what sacrifice REALLY is.

Somewhere along the line of human existence we began sacrificing our soul to keep the peace or gain the approval of others.  And then to make matters worse we collectively began praising the individuals who sacrificed in this way.

Think of a scenario when you were certain you sacrificed for the greater good of everyone.

Now apply these following rules to see if your behavior was GENUINE sacrifice:

  • Sacrifice is not giving up your power to someone else.
  • Sacrifice is not saying yes when you really mean no.
  • Sacrifice is not allowing yourself to be in unhealthy or dangerous situations with others.
  • Sacrifice is not allowing yourself to be someone else’s punching bag.
  • Sacrifice is not giving to people who do not acknowledge your giving.
  • Sacrifice does not create feelings of resentment.
  • Sacrifice does not create feelings of shame.
  • Sacrifice does create feelings of security, calm, and peace.
  • Sacrifice is withholding something you want now for the larger payoff of later.

Genuine sacrifice benefits both parties ALWAYS!

So, What Does Sensing My Body Have to do With Anything?


Your sensations are the modality through which your body communicates your souls’ intentions to your mind!  

When you can read the sensations in your body, you’re able to make choices from the centered position of trusting yourself.

You will no longer sacrifice your soul.

You will feel confident in all your choices.

You will feel safe in all your relationships. 

This is crucial!

Unfortunately, we’ve been trained to relate to our bodies in a very unhealthy way.

Many of us have been taught that our bodies are the enemy.  We need to look a certain way or be a certain size.  Trying to obtain this unnatural shape forces us to override what our bodies are telling us in order to get small enough, big enough, fit enough, strong enough, or whatever ideal you’re trying to achieve.

How many times were you told to stop fidgeting as a child?  Or perhaps you were forced to sit still in a classroom for hours on end.  This repeated forced behavior taught you to not move when your body says “move”.

Were you ever instructed to stop crying and be a good girl or a big boy?  Crying is a vital sensation your body NEEDS to express, yet can be trained out of you if you were not encouraged to experience sadness or frustrations with tears.

These are just a few examples of ways we were trained to disconnect from our bodies.

Living with these habits over time atrophies our ability to interpret our sensations.  We no longer know how to read the feelings that arise in our bodies.  Some even lose the ability to feel the guiding sensations in their bodies altogether.

Without being able to read the sensations in your body you’re adrift in the sea of life.  Your mind won’t get you where you want to go safely.  The only way forward is to reconnect with your body and integrate your MAGIC!

How Do I Reconnect with My Body?

Glad you asked!  

First, you’ll need to forgive yourself for becoming so disconnected in the first place.  It’s not your fault!  It’s not your parents’ fault either.  They were just doing the best they could, and they likely received the same kind of programming that you did.

Next, you’re going to need patience.  It took you a lifetime of disconnecting.  You won’t be reacquainted with your body sensations overnight.

Third, I suggest my Sync Up Method as the best place to start.  Learning to sync up with universal intelligence is going to be the most effective, peaceful, and fastest way to integrate your magic.

I’m Liz Hays, energy intuitive and a highly advanced sensor.

I want to commend you for being here!

You’ve had to overcome hurdles just to get to this point.

You can do this!

I’m here to support you.

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