Seeking Safety and FINDING IT!

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Hi, I'm LIZ

Whether you realize it or not we all behave from a place of seeking safety, in all moments, every day.

It’s a primary human need to feel safe and secure.

Our bodies are our built-in navigational system that allows us to read situations and intuit healthy responses to them.  If we’ve not mastered the ability to sense the signals our bodies are sending, we often find ourselves in situations that are less than safe.

What Do You Mean by Safe?

Safety is confidence!

Safety is peace!

Our first objective is for physical safety. 

Then we must meet the needs of emotional safety, mental safety, and spiritual safety.

Why Do People Not Feel Safe?

Everyone is hiding from themselves and the topics that are uncomfortable.

We search for safety outside of ourselves.  

We try to find the person who will make us feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually safe.

We think when we find this person, we will feel safe.

But we do not need all people to be all of the things. 

You first want to feel safe within yourself. 

Can you honestly express yourself to yourself? 

Can you look at all facets of your life? 

Can you do a 360 around yourself in relationship to everything that matters to you? 

Probably not. 

We try to hide things from ourselves all the time. 


Looking at the things that are hard cause feelings of shame, inadequacy, and a fear of being honest, thinking we will get lost in the truth. 

If you are not honest with yourself, you are hiding from yourself, and you are not safe with yourself.

You Do Not Need to Hide Anymore!

I see you.
I see your inner child hiding. 
You feel wrong for thinking certain ways. 
Desiring certain things. 
Eating a certain way. 
Spending a certain way. 
Using time a certain way. 
Looking a certain way.
Feeling a certain way. 

I want to you to know the way you are is fine. 
This right now is fine. 
You are fine. 

We are going to look together. 
We are going to see what we like.
See what we don’t like.

From this place of bravery, we can begin to let more of what we want in.
Let’s start by taking a look.
Let’s go to the scaredy-cat place first.

Isn’t this funny? 
A memory can be scary? 
Or a topic can be scary? 
Before we go far, feel yourself.
You, in this moment, are totally and completely safe!
You are alone.
Your home is safe. 
You are in a private space. 
Your body is relaxed.
You are breathing.
You can move your body.
You can rest your body.

Now, let’s go all the way!
Let’s see what is scary.

Oh, being yelled at?
Someone using a loud voice?
You being wrong?
Yes, you do not feel safe when you are wrong.
It is not safe to be wrong?
You avoid being wrong at all costs.

I see you.

You need to try so hard to do right because wrong is so scary.

Let’s chill for a moment.

You are not wrong.
You are free to discover.
You are free to learn.
You are free to make mistakes. 
You are free to relax your belly. 
You are free to relax your throat. 
You are free to shake your shoulders. 
You are FREE!

In this adult form, here and now, you are FREE! 
Maybe you were not free then.
Yet you are free NOW! 

I’m Liz Hays.

I stand for sensing our bodies!

I stand for safety!

I stand for support, and I am here to help!

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