Giving a voice to the Inner Child 



awakening the inner child

To Magic

The way to more is nurturing the inner child, awareness of the inner being = a magical sync up, into MAGIC! 

We will be transforming generational trauma patterns. 
Releasing confusion around our inside and outside world. 
Mastering our inner confidence.
Freeing our desires. 
Living life fully. 

The Mothership shifts us from surviving our life to being a co-creator in our life. 

This work is all about the legacy we want to leave behind.
It heals generationally – forward and back.
You the current parent frees your parents and free your children. 

This is the MAGIC of being alive.

all aboard the mothership


This is a year long commitment. There are no cancellations within the 12 months. 

what to expect

Weekly Zoom Calls

All Zoom calls will be recorded and housed in an easy to listen to format.

Group Coaching

A weekly container to consistently grow with Liz's teaching.


A chance to ask Liz direct questions over Zoom and get coaching in the moment.

real results

“Thank you for giving me language to something I've experienced so much of my life.”

You've given me clarity and understanding. Not only that, but have validated what goes on in my mind and heart. The Mothership has given all of us a safe place to continue the work together. It's beautiful, safe, insightful and a gift. You are a gift. Honestly it's been one of the coolest experiences!!!

- chelsea


“Words would never do justice or be enough. Liz changed my entire life, quickly.”

She deepens the understanding and teaches on the ultimate relationship with you and you. The awareness and magic she truly has, radiates in her love for you! I always leave her presence abundantly fulfilled and that momentum will move mountains with ease in life."

- britt


This program is not in any affiliation with any religion or faith, however it enhances whatever your religion and faith is. 

The Inner Being is the part of us that is connected to the whole of everything (what some people call God, source, energy, Universe). It is the thread of us that is connected to everything and it is Liz's understanding through her life experience that the inclusion of the Inner Being, the inclusion of the divine, as well as the inclusion of the Inner Child is what creates the most fulfilling life. 


This is an inclusive environment – multi generational and multi-gender. 


This is a year long commitment. There are no cancellations within the 12 months. 

Our Manifesto:

“coming home to yourself.
nurturing and healing your inner child to connect fully and trust your inner being.”

- liz hays

I’m liz, YOUR meticulous guide

about your host

I'm a feeler, an energy intuitive, a master of unlocking the brilliance of living, and a highly advanced sensor.

My gift is to connect easily with the natural intelligence that governs our lives. I bridge the gap between the physical and the invisible, and I know that may sound a little far out there, but I know life to be MUCH greater than we give it credit for.

spiritual teacher. wife. mother. whimsy + magic!

She has become a meticulous guide in leading me closer to the person I want to become. Guiding me to insane abundance in my career and family. With an easy, effortless healing of past wounds all while gently guiding me to a higher path for my life. She is a true master in her work, with extreme dedication to her clients and her craft. 


real results

sadie grew immeasurably

“Liz is exactly what she claims to be: magic.”

To dance with her in the energetic realm is to heal on a cellular level. She was able to sink into my nervous system and assist me in creation and magic the entire time she was my guide.  Guiding me through some of the deepest deaths and rebirths with her recalibrations. She truly is a gifted guide. One that changed my life and helped me grow. I would recommend her to anyone.

- sadie

nancy healed from her past

“Liz Hays changed my life.”

I am 57 years old and was not realizing my life’s dreams/purpose due to unprocessed energy and emotions as a result of my mother leaving when I was 6 years old. Although I had made some progress working with therapists and coaches over the past 50 years (yes, 50 years!), it wasn’t until I did inner child work with Liz Hays for 6 months that I was able to fully heal my inner child. Liz lovingly and meticulously guided me through the process of healing.

- nancy

Suzy had massive breakthroughs

“Liz changed the way I view myself and others.”

- suzy

the mothership membership


An invitation to more.

This is a year long commitment. There are no cancellations within the 12 months.