Meet Ms. Magic

An experience in self-discovery. 
Soothing trauma unleashing magic. 
I am Ms. Magic.
You are Ms. Magic.
We are Ms. Magic. 

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the becoming of ms. magic

Conversations with Abraham Hicks

I invite you to listen in on my journey of rediscovering what I’ve always known.

The Becoming of Ms. Magic

You were born with inherent wisdom

You were born for this time in our society.
You were born to transform
generational patterns of suffering.
Within ourselves.
Within our family.
Within our society.
You are the MAGIC!


Liz Hays is the receiver of Ms. Magic.
She is a spiritual teacher.
Mother to 5 mothering many.
She is a wife.
She is obsessed with doing the inner work.
Traveling and Experiencing the world
and dressing in whimsy ways.

I am liz hays

Want to know a secret?

Freedom is in the feelings

Feelings are FREE!


Feelings are available to
all of us
At anytime
Around the world!
You are free to feel!

For years, I’ve been a prolific reader and student of countless spiritual teachers including Abraham-Hicks, Bashar, Sadhguru, and Paul Selig. Yet, it is Liz Hays who has been the most profound and effective catalyst to my greatest expansion. Her presence, wisdom, and methods have activated, enhanced,
and hastened every aspect of my spiritual process and upgraded my life experience on every level. She is one of the most gifted Teachers of our times.
I feel truly blessed to have discovered and attracted her teachings into my life.

Angelica Ayoub

Ms. Magic

the ms. magic blog

Ms. Magic is a place you come to master your vibration. Finding harmony in yourself as you work with others.

My husband had just passed. I was alone with three young kids, all with special needs. Liz helped me build my intuitive connection, my inner strength, and my confidence. She reminded me there’s so much more opportunity than what I was seeing in front of me. I cannot overstate how key that was to my recovery process!

Merritt Minnemeyer

You are doing the work.
You have suffered.
You have transformed.
You have shared.
You have empowered others.
You are still becoming.
Because we are always becoming.
This work is complex.
It is deep.
It is ever-evolving.
You are ever-evolving.
We are ever-evolving.