self discovery, unleashing magic

i am magic. you are magic.

You were born with inherent wisdom. You were born to transform generational patterns of suffering. Within ourselves,  our family, our society.
You are the MAGIC!

what we do

Hey you,

Ready to come home to yourself?

Together, let's nurture and heal your Inner Child to connect fully and trust your Inner Being. This is the magic of being alive!

you're in the right place

what i offer:


A membership program created as a space to embrace your inner child.


Quantum leap into your desired reality by working with me 1:1.


Together we will unravel old patterns.  
We will relax and tune our bodies to well- being. 

“There is this thing, this calm, this feeling that is indescribable that happens on calls with Liz. It’s a subtle shift that has massive ripples into my days following it.”

- Kellee

“Learning to connect with my Inner Child and Inner Being has given me my life back! Coming back to myself in the most authentic way is the biggest relief from the anxiety I was dealing with on a regular basis”

- Brittany

hello there.

I’m liz, your meticulous guide

I'm a feeler, an energy intuitive, a master of unlocking the brilliance of living, and a highly advanced sensor.

My gift is to connect easily with the natural intelligence that governs our lives. I bridge the gap between the physical and the invisible, and I know that may sound a little far out there, but I know life to be MUCH greater than we give it credit for.


Liz lovingly and meticulously guided me through the process of healing.


- nancy

the mothership


Releasing confusion around our inside and outside world. 
Mastering our inner confidence.
Freeing our desires. 
Living life fully. 

quantum leap


I take a limited number of 1:1 clients who are ready for massive transformation.

miracles, manifestation & magic

reignite joy

In this self-led course, you will sooth trauma and unleash magic! Together we will unravel old patterns  and tune our bodies to well- being. 

ready for change?

the inner child to live the magic that you've always intended.

listen in

The Becoming of Ms. Magic

the becoming of ms. magic

I invite you to listen in on my conversation with Abraham Hicks. A journey of rediscovering what I’ve always known.