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Sync Up Guides

I am thrilled to present you with the following opportunities to have 1:1 interaction with trainees of The Sync Up Guide Program. These beautiful guides have been learning from me in a 1:1 fashion for over 6 months.

sync up guides

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heather conger

Add momentum to your expansion and manifestations. 

It is such a joy to connect the inner child and the inner being. I have seen many profound shifts in my own life as I guide myself and others to greater alignment through the inner child and inner being. As an energetic intuitive, I love to sense what is happening emotionally and physically in your body as we guide your inner child and inner being to more peace, clarity, satisfaction, and joy. 

Building an unwavering connection with my inner voice has permanently changed my world. I am passionate about guiding others, especially moms, through the process of healing and understanding this inner conversation so we don't project our hurt onto the ones we love most. I help others connect to their essence and access deeper states of healing + alignment. As we nurture this inner relationship, we will discover answers to all of our questioning, move through discomfort, navigate drama, soothe emotion and live from a place of ease and magic.

Mandee Mills

Emotional Discharge tools and Healing Sessions

Let’s face it…eventually we all experience some sort of unwanted in our life. The trick is to get back to wanted as quickly as possible. If you are feeling stuck or wondering how you can achieve the results that will lead you on a faster path to the feelings of joy and abundance, connect with me. I would love to offer you the support and coach you with the tools that will get you there.

Kelsey Larson

Connecting to your essence through the inner sync up 

lindsay heyneman

We'll get you out of survival mode and into creation!

During the calls, we will listen and let your inner child guide us to the emotions and blocks you're experiencing and then gently remove those blocks. By the end of our time together, you'll feel in sync, at peace, and capable. All calls will be recorded and sent to you after our session. I can't wait to work with you!

amanda towne

Release resistance and navigate your emotions.

Do you want to find more happiness and ease in your life? It’s not about intellectualizing it and struggling to figure it out. It’s about releasing resistance. It’s about knowing the goodness of you. It’s about knowing you are worthy just by being you. It’s about tuning to your inner peace and calm without needing any outside circumstances to change. Happiness is always an inside job. It’s not about someone else or something outside of you making you happy.