Miracles, Manifestation & Magic

Soothing trauma 
Unleashing Magic! 

let's do this!

dear inner child,

I see you.
You were born wise and capable. 
You have big dreams and desires. 
You want to feel happy, safe and confident.

Life is confusing. There are a lot of shoulds and should nots in the world. It’s hard to know yourself. 

So are you in?

In this workshop you will see you! You are worth knowing. Together we will unravel old patterns. Patterns are just thoughts and feelings. We get to transform these! How cool is that. 

We will relax and tune our bodies to well- being. 

This work is gentle. It’s an unfolding. It is guaranteed to enhance your life! 

We will reignite joy and discover Magic that is available now! 

what's included:


9 pre-recorded Zoom Q&A calls
All calls are housed in an easy to listen format. 


Energy Healing Audios

this is for you.

In the zooms I will teach you how to see the inner child. 
You will learn what your emotions actually mean. You will experience the feeling of peace as chaos soothes and you return to the natural state of magic. In harmony with all that is. 

You will listen to these independently. 
You will be guided to a calm state. In peace your brilliant body restores itself. Soothing fight or flight. Enhancing well- being. 

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Liz is the most 
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- jenna, @jennaskitchen

Miracles, Manifestation & Magic


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