Navigating Discomfort in Friendships

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Friendships are fascinating. Relationships are fascinating. When we are in growth sometimes our connections to others shake up a bit. 

Let’s go into your Inner Child for a moment – the first layer to navigating discomfort in friendships is seeing your Inner Child. Not responding to your friend, responding to you.

Dear Inner Child,
I see you.
I am aware of you.
I am aware of the goodness of you.
I am aware of the goodness of you as a friend.
I am aware of this emotion between you and a friend.
I am aware that this emotion has discomfort.
I am aware that you are both figuring it out.
I am aware that you desire to maintain a friendship from what I sense.
You desire her to know that she matters to you.

Lingering here for just a minute as the Inner Child is beginning to feel better in this moment that she is being seen.

When there is discomfort with a friend, you can also acknowledge them. This friend is having emotion. This emotion is about her. The emotion is between the two of you. You are having emotion about the emotion, so let’s linger here for a minute.

To the friend of this friend, we see you.
We are aware of you.
We see the goodness of you.
We are aware of the goodness of you.
We are aware that it is awkward to communicate feelings at times. 
We want to thank you for communicating.
We are sorry that you feel hurt in this moment.
You are safe. 
It’s okay if friends need space.

It’s also okay to reflect to the friend that you see them, and you love them, and that you’ve appreciated their friendship. And that you are sorry for any emotions that they are having based off of whatever is going on with you that you are navigating. And that you care about them. That you care about you. That you are open to a solution.

It’s hard to go into conversations where someone wants to lean into an inadequacy of you. It’s hard for other people to hear the inadequacies of them. If it’s possible to have an interaction here, asking the Inner Being, “What is the solution for this?”

The thing is, when we go into a space like this energetically, there gets to be movement without having to interact at first. 

To recap:

First, We go into the Inner Child first and we soothe her. We say,
“We see you.
We are aware of you.
We know the goodness of you.”

You could go into a bit of a conversation with the energy of the other person. Seeing their Inner Child.

Second, If you are aware of something that you are wanting out of the friendship, you could give that over to the Inner Being.

There is no reason for you to negotiate shame of yourself around this. You did not intentionally do anything to hurt a friend.

Sometimes friends’ feelings are hurt because we have a feeling that there is unconditional love, which some people feel means that we should be meeting the other person.

We are people navigating.

You are a good friend. 

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